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Social Media Update Q1 2024: Navigating the New Trends

This quarter, social media is changing, bringing new opportunities and challenges for businesses. It's important to stay updated on these trends to stay competitive. Here's a quick overview of the key shifts influencing social media strategies this year.

1. Integration of Search Capabilities and the Rise of Social SEO

Social media platforms are now acting like search engines. Moreover, Google Search results are being added to TikTok, and tools like Keyword Insights show this trend. For businesses, it means focusing on making content that's both entertaining and educational, and additionally, optimising it with keywords for better visibility in social search results.

2. The Comeback of Longer Videos

Longer videos are returning to popularity. For instance, platforms like Instagram and TikTok are extending their video length limits. This is in response to users' demand for more in-depth content. Businesses should invest in creating longer, evergreen video content that engages and informs.

3. Moving Engagement to Direct Messages (DMs)

Engagement is shifting from public feeds to direct messages, indicating a preference for more personal interactions. As a result, platforms are adding DM-focused features. Businesses should prepare for increased customer service inquiries and engagement through direct messaging.

4. The Growth of AI in Social Media

Artificial Intelligence (AI) plays a big role in content creation and customer service on social media. Therefore, talks around AI ethics are growing and businesses need to establish clear AI policies to use this technology responsibly and effectively.

5. The Creator and Influencer Economy

Creators and influencers are crucial for connecting with audiences authentically. Moreover, their ability to produce relatable content makes influencer marketing an important part of social media strategies. Find our influencer strategies here.

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6. Personalised Customer Care as a Consumer Preference

Consumers expect quick and personalised responses on social media. This trend highlights the importance of built-in marketing and customer service teams to provide personalised care.

7. The Strategic Focus on Key Platforms

As consumers use different platforms, businesses should focus on the ones that give the best return on investment (ROI). Additionally, they need to be strategic with it. For example, adjusting content for each platform and using fewer platforms to concentrate on the most beneficial ones.

As we go through Q1 2024, adapting to these social media trends is important for businesses to thrive. Creating longer video formats, engaging through DMs, using AI ethically. Furthermore, focusing on strategic platforms, and capitalising on the influencer economy are key steps. 

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To end, businesses should ensure their social media strategies are effective and resonate with their audiences. For more insights and strategic advice tailored to your business, contact Metric Connect, the leading digital marketing agency in Leicestershire.